Saturday, April 18, 2015

FRIDAY NOTES for the Week of APRIL 19, 2015

Here's what's happening for the week of APRIL 19, 2015:

The Your Story question is: 
Tell about a time when you felt out of your depth in a conversation. Perhaps the discussion was about something you were not familiar with or don't talk about very often. How did you respond? How do you feel comfortable or confident again?

1. This Sunday we welcome our guest minister, Dave Ankcorn, who has planned an excellent message for us; prior to the service is Prayer Time at 10:30 on the stage in the Fellowship Hall. After the service is our first Potluck of 2015. This is a perfect time to whip up that favorite recipe that you only make once or twice a year - and it is a perfect time to bring along a friend!

2. Next Saturday (the 25th) is Movie Night and the feature is God is not Dead; the event starts at 6:00 pm, ends at 9:00 pm; bring a friend; bring a snack to share; prepare to have fun!

3. Pastor Wim will return to the pulpit on the 26th - please keep up your prayers for safe travel back from Kenya.

4. Looking further ahead, Take Your Pastor to the Ballgame is scheduled for early June - this is an Evergreen Association event, and Candy needs a "head count" as early as possible in order to reserve enough tickets. So, if you will be going, let Candy know - further information will be announced soon.

5. Looks like quite a few of us brought items for the Food Bank barrel - thanks for doing that - keep up the good work! NOW, please start your habit of plugging in a couple of dates for the year as host of Coffee Time. We all enjoy the fellowship, and most of us enjoy the snacks, and we all can pitch in, thereby lightening the load for everyone!

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