Sunday, August 30, 2015

AUGUST 30: Solo Song, Scripture Reading, and Sermon

For the week of August 30, 2015 our scripture as read by Milt comes from MATTHEW CHAPTER 4, VERSES 1-11. The sermon given by Guest Rev. Sean Brown is titled "Joy in the Struggle". Additionally, this week we have a special solo song from Charlette called "If You Only Let God Guide You":
AUGUST 30, 2015: Joy in the Struggle (Guest Rev. Sean Brown)
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Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Notes for Week of August 30

1. This Sunday our guest preacher will be Rev. Sean Brown, who is Interim Minister at Queen Anne Baptist Church. Most of us know Sean and know that we are in for a treat! Pastor Wim, reciprocating, will be preaching at Queen Anne Baptist Church. Also, we will be treated to a solo by Charlette Tapsoba.

2. After church, Coffee Time will be hosted by the LLS Light the Night Team. Here is a note from Victoria about that: …. “The Wedgwood Walkers Light the Night Team will be hosting a very special coffee hour on Sunday after church. We will be showing a video that you won’t want to miss! Please join us and learn how you can make an impact, sign up to join the walk team or make a donation to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Help us make Someday Today and create a world without cancer. For your convenience, you may also participate online by going to our special page dedicated to Mary Welch:”

3. Start resting up for Labor Day Weekend - because after that, we will start off the Church Year (coincides with School Year) with a bang! The first event, Movie Night, will be on September 12, with the feature "The Age of Adaline."

4. Ed reports that last Sunday's sermon has been posted to the website; the recording includes the touching Dedication of Rose - so even if you were there, you may want to listen again!

5. The September Wedgletter will be sent out next week and, as usual, is chock-full of interesting items, so be on the lookout for that!

Lastly, the Your Story question is:Tell about a time or activity when you really struggled. What were you thinking while you were struggling? How did you feel when the struggle was over?

Sunday, August 23, 2015

AUGUST 23: Scripture Reading, Sermon, and Infant Dedication

For the week of August 23, 2015 our scripture as read by Jeff comes from MATTHEW CHAPTER 7, VERSES 1-5. The sermon given by Rev. Wim Mauldin is titled "No Strings Attached". Additionally, this week we have a special Infant Dedication for Rose:
AUGUST 23, 2015: No Strings Attached (PLUS Infant Dedication of Rose)
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Friday, August 21, 2015


SECOND THOUGHTS from Pastor Wim as a follow up to the Week of August 16 Service:

Anxiety (or fear) is the root of most of the bad decisions we make. Last Sunday we looked into all the ways that anxiety over food, clothing and other necessities captures our attention. Anxiety can blind us to all the ways that God provides for us, so the resulting trust in God might lower our anxiety. Giving thanks for all God provides begins to clear our vision and dissolve our anxiety a little at a time.

Next Sunday, we reflect on the possibility that we negatively evaluate those who raise anxiety. Anxiety can blind us to all the ways that we do the same thing they do. Unconditionally respecting and/or loving those that raise our anxiety can clear our perception of what we are doing and dissolve the anxiety a little bit at a time. If we choose to be God’s children, we are committed to give up condemning others in order to express that unconditional love God has for us and our neighbor.

Friday Notes for Week of August 23

1. This Sunday, during the Worship Service, Gerardo and Katie will dedicate their daughter Rose to Christ's service. I hope that you will be able to join us for that joyous celebration! 

2. Tuesday we gather for our monthly Lunch Bunch; you may ride with someone after Bible Study, or join us at the Old Country Buffet in Lynnwood at 12:00 noon. Feel free to bring a friend - we have enjoyed fellowship with many visitors over the years!

3. If you are tired of seeing the same folks up front so frequently, leading the singing, and think "I could do that!" you could test out that idea by helping out for a couple of Sundays - please see Barb or Pastor Wim and they can work with you.

The Your Story question is: When have you made a mistake that affected someone else and you could tell they did not continue to blame you for it? The Worship Committee will meet during Coffee Time at 12:30.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday Notes for the Week of August 9, 2015

1. Sunday worship will be preceded by Prayer Time at 10:30 and succeeded by Sermon Discussion at 12:20. If you weren't here last Sunday, you may want to go ahead and bring your Food Bank items with you.

2. Coffee Time hosts are still needed; please consider hosting and select a date from the ones on the Sign-Up sheet in the Fellowship Hall.

3. Community Yard Sale this year is on September 19. You know how fast time flies, so if you would like to reserve a table, you need to see Victoria soon! If you would like to donate items for the church's table, please price them and begin boxing them up to bring in.

4. It's not too soon to begin planning what you will bring to our August Potluck - it will be after church on the 16th - which is just over a week from now! Bring your favorite salad, side dish, main dish or dessert - and bring some friends!