Friday, August 21, 2015


SECOND THOUGHTS from Pastor Wim as a follow up to the Week of August 16 Service:

Anxiety (or fear) is the root of most of the bad decisions we make. Last Sunday we looked into all the ways that anxiety over food, clothing and other necessities captures our attention. Anxiety can blind us to all the ways that God provides for us, so the resulting trust in God might lower our anxiety. Giving thanks for all God provides begins to clear our vision and dissolve our anxiety a little at a time.

Next Sunday, we reflect on the possibility that we negatively evaluate those who raise anxiety. Anxiety can blind us to all the ways that we do the same thing they do. Unconditionally respecting and/or loving those that raise our anxiety can clear our perception of what we are doing and dissolve the anxiety a little bit at a time. If we choose to be God’s children, we are committed to give up condemning others in order to express that unconditional love God has for us and our neighbor.

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