Friday, March 13, 2015

FRIDAY NOTES for the week of March 15, 2015

Here's what's happening for the week of March 15, 2015:

1.  This Sunday, immediately after the worship service, we will be treated to delicious soup - prepared by Marilyn using the leftover ham from our Christmas dinner.  The "Sandwich" part of "Soup and Sandwich" is if you choose to bring your own - and perhaps some extra to share.  There will be crackers available to go along with the soup.
2.  After the meal, those of us in the Keep/Keeping Hope Alive groups will have our final discussion in the usual locations.
3.  We will have a singing ensemble, performing on Palm Sunday (the 29th) and Easter Sunday (April 5) - we have penciled in a rehearsal for the 22nd - however, there is the Rain City Women's Chorus concert that day, shortly after worship, so we may need to work out an alternative.  Any bright ideas?  We will do Halle, Halle, Halle for Palm Sunday; any suggestions for Easter?  So far, the singers we know about are Milt, Kris, Linea, Colleen, Roy, Marie, Barb - feel free to volunteer if you want to join us!  Annette?  Al? Margueritte?  Ed?  Victoria? Gerardo?  Katie?
4.  Movie night is scheduled for Saturday March 21.  The movie will be Son of God - gathering starts at 6:00.
5.  The aforementioned concert by the Rain City Women's Chorus will be on Sunday the 22nd, shortly after church (12:45 or 1:00) in our Fellowship Hall.   It is a fundraiser in memory of Marty Welch.

6.  Please visit our website: and spend a few minutes clicking around in it.  Our Webmeister, Ed Wenick, has done a wonderful job - and recently has posted photos that I took at Marty's Thanks to You open house.  

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